Project Overview

Fathead Marketing

As current Art Director of Marketing for Fathead, I wear alot of hats. All graphics, marketing pieces, website styles, UX/UI, promotional emails, micro-websites, print advertising, event signage, brand management, social elements and all photography are under my direction and are constantly evolving.

My Role

Website Design Refresh & Homepage Graphics

Responsible for redesign/refresh of the new Fathead website. Currently running an A/B text of different hero images and navigation types. Worked closely with the tech team to achieve cutting edge new ideas.

Promotional Emails

Manage our email design team to produce 30-40 emails a month. Sometimes I myself must jump in to assist and create email designs myself. Once a year I refresh the templates for our designers to keep the brand looking fresh.

Micro-site for Tradables Brand

With my diverse web design background, I also create micro-sites for Fathead like Tradables.com that is a simple static one page site to direct traffic to 3rd party sites that sell our trading card decal products.


Fathead constantly needs new photography of "room environments" that we can then digitally impose our products on the wall. Some may be simple rooms shot straight on and other may utilize youth talent in more beauty stylized photography. I lead the in-house photography department to execute the needs for marketing campaigns as well as product detail shots.

Website Refresh

Promotional Emails

Micro Website for Tradables

Print Material



Have some work for me? Drop me line.