Under new ownership Fathead has recently moved to shopify (below work is before that transition). As Art Director of Marketing for Fathead, I wore alot of hats. All graphics, marketing pieces, website styles, UX/UI and A/B testing ideas, promotional emails, micro-websites, print advertising, event signage, brand management, social elements, mentored senior, mid and junior designers, workshop creative strategies and new applications, and all photography were under my direction and constantly evolving.

Research & Define

Looked at quantitative analytic research to evaluate where users were engaging on the website to beef up the sections to drive more conversion rates. Created new ux flows, personas and wireframes of home page and interior landing pages.UX/UI strategy led to more responsive elements and subtle animation and interactions.

UI Design & Direction

Responsible for entire redesign/refresh of the new Fathead website. Ran an A/B text of different hero images and navigation types. Designed new sections and pages. Updated type to be more efficient for usability. Worked closely with the tech team to achieve cutting edge new ideas. Was laid off before full completion of project was migrated live.

Photography Art Direction

Fathead constantly needed new photography of "room environments" that we would digitally impose products on the wall. Some may be simple rooms shot straight on and other may utilize youth talent in more beauty stylized photography. I led the in-house photography department to execute the needs for marketing campaigns as well as product detail shots.