Guild & Grace

2020: Company closed after Fathead was acquired by new owner. My functional Webflow prototype can still be viewed via button. Born out of Fathead, a removable wall graphic company in Detroit, Michigan, came Guild & Grace to create a premium wallpaper company. A 3rd party advertising agency had attempted to develop mockups for the new website but they fell far from the mark. So, as the Art Director of Fathead, I decided to grab the reigns and designed the entire brand.

G&G Prototype

Research & Define

WIth high focus on user research,  customer journeys, user flows and testing, it was important to map out this large scale project and I was excited to have a strongly supportive team to guide through this experience for the future users. We knew we wanted to make the site personable by also including a Define Your Style section that gave the user a quiz to help guide them on interior design choices but also keeping it clean & simple to use.

UI Design & Direction

I designed the entire e-commerce website from beginning to end and led the team of developers and programmers to launch. Executed wireframes, sitemaps, user stories, Style quiz, 7 page types as well as back end cart UX/UI elements and styles.

Photography Art Direction

Using a furniture photography company based out of North Carolina, I led a large team of interior designers and photographers to photograph over 100+ unique rooms for 12 interior design categories for use on the new website.