While working as an Interactive Art Director for GTB, I was tasked to design a brand new family landing brand page for Ford Mustang which encompassed their traditional racing lineup of GT and Shelby but also to bring Mach-E into the fold and give the user a space to engage in the entire breadth of the brand accessed from the top level eyebrow nav.

Mustang Family

Research & Define

WIth high focus on user flows and wireframing, I worked closely with the experience team to map out what content we wanted to showcase for Mustang before the user clicked into Mustang landing or Mach-E reserve pages. Working with the copyrighter, we developed a flow and strategy.

UI Design & Direction

Using Sketch I chose my components carefully and selected imagery from the Ford library to best convey the overall theme of "performance" that the lineup deserved. I worked closely with the art production team to direct exactly which trim levels to render into a scene as well as produce video assets.