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I'm Heather Zayne, a passionate and candid artist currently residing in Detroit. In my role as the Director of Experience Design at VML, I bring two decades of expertise in UX/UI, photography, branding, digital marketing, design, team building, and mentoring. My approach to design is straightforward: begin with empathy to comprehend, leverage my insights to create something meaningful, and dedicate myself to perfecting the finer details.

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Brand Identity Direction
Visual Communication
Design Systems
Style Guides


Experience Design
Digital Product Design
Responsive Web Design
Photo & Video Direction


Creative Direction
Campaign Conception
Product Strategy
Concept Development

Creative Process

Over the years, I have refined my process to discover and identifu critical issues and friction points and deliver user-centered, goal-driven designs.

Identify &

One of the most essential steps in the process is identifying and defining all aspects of the project, such as project goals, audience, market, competitors, specifications & requirements.

Discover &

My goal with each project is to deliver solid and real-world solutions that achieve actual business needs. We do this through idea generation & exploration to discover which paths make sense.

An Experience

The creative part of the process where we take everything we have learned and use it to help direct a solution-based design appraoch that aims to solve the issues and achieve our set goals.

& Direct

The real world rarely matches the blueprints. So, I stick around to make sure reality matches the vision. And, if not, I am there to help direct or offer possible solutions.


Guiding my skilled teams, nurturing a design-centric culture, and tackling demanding projects is incredibly fulfilling. However, I also find joy in pushing boundaries through self-initiated creative endeavors, embodying the spirit of a designer with a daring heart. Speaking of passion, I have a deep love for motorcycles and hot rods, considering them one of the most exhilarating thrills on Earth.

Client Experience

What People Say

I've worked with Heather on several projects at Fathead and on other freelance projects over the years. She has an eye for detail and is a very talented designer. If you are working with Heather than you are on the right track to building a successful product.

Ryan Hudson-Peralta

Quicken Loans

I am pretty sure Heather can do anything. There are few people who have the professionalism and expertise that she does. She manages to be both extremely creative and effortlessly efficient. Heather has the ability to not only take on tasks, but also work with others, bring ideas and solutions to the table for all to see. She is determined and detail-oriented. I never once had to wonder if something would be done instead had the peace of mind knowing that when Heather was involved, the end result would be incredible.

John Torres

Media Genesis

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